Jennie’s work is wonderfully eclectic spanning BritArt inspired Queens Heads and contemporary abstract landscapes to more classical collections of chandeliers, french chairs, rambling stems and flowers.

Jennie has exhibited at Henley Festival and John Lewis.  Jennie has worked with Alexandra Dixson Interiors (ADI) on domestic/overseas projects. Her latest work with ADI was to paint an 8m wide mural, hotel conversion, Provence, France.

A day commences with walking, sun salutations and meditation. Creating and sharing happiness and painting is tantamount to the best of days.

“I have a great studio full of space and light, I enjoy painting large but no job is too small

life is about making the very best of given opportunities and taking on new challenges”




Her studio is like a biopic of the Artists life.

Photos, books, boxes of brushes,  shelves laden with pots of paint, canvasses of past work representing her ever-evolving and eclectic style.

Immediately outside the studio – a garden that is pure inspiration… rambling stems, seed heads, a maze of criss-crossing contrasting flowers and greenery, a rich myriad of shapes and sizes.

It is this wealth and depth blaze of texture that is so represented in much of the Artists work.


Whilst nature is of pivotal inspiration, similarly, found objects, vintage books, stamped envelopes and maps are also valuable sources of inspiration.

The last two years she has explored floral theme and has been selling work at The Secret Garden Florist shop in Beaconsfield.


Beds and Bars group Paris and London, Legends in Time, Artlines Media, Alexandra Dixson Interiors, UK Heating Group, Pelham International, Home Styling Interiors, Heather Abbott Development, Refined Homes.


Jennie is a self-taught artist specialising in domestic household paint, collage and mixed media. She says art is a happy mantra; picking up a paintbrush a daily activity.

She says art is a happy mantra; picking up a paintbrush a daily activity.

She is exploring three-dimensional form and is currently making a collection of 100 hand-made ceramic vessels.

Jennie works closely with the client, process is based on clients coming to the studio and a site visit to assess the wallspace. The client is encouraged to have an input and there is always flexibility for change

She has opened her studio under the Bucks Open Studios scheme several years in a row.




If you are interested in receiving more information about commissioned work, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tel: 07738 974743